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8 Questions For New Clients To Ask Their SLPs About Speech-Language Pathology

What is speech-language pathology? And how does it help recovery from stroke or brain injury? Those are the basic questions clients have for speech-language pathologists at the beginning of care. But the answers to those questions may raise more questions, such as “How long will therapy last?” This post helps patients and caregivers understand the role SLPs play in the treatment of speech, language, and cognitive disorders. It closes with eight questions patients and caregivers may want to ask on their first visit in order to get the most out of treatment.

10 Tasks Practiced Most Frequently By Survivors Of Stroke

Stroke can impact all aspects of life—movement, communication, thinking, and autonomic functions such as swallowing and breathing. Recovery can be an extended process. Here, we identify the Constant Therapy tasks used most often by those recovering from stroke.

Keep Progress Going After Stroke Rehab Stops

The American Stroke Association has an ambitious goal: to end stroke! In the meantime, seven million people in the United States live with the disease’s effects. To promote rehabilitation, The Learning Corp and its Constant Therapy app are supporting the esteemed American Stroke Association to get the word out that stroke is beatable through increased access to mobile rehabilitative tools.

The 5 Stages of Post-Stroke Care: How Each is Critical to Recovery

Learning about the stages of post-stroke care is important so that survivors and their loved ones can manage and optimize rehabilitation, and therefore attain the best possible quality of life.

Real People Living with Brain Injury, Stroke & Aphasia

There are many more people than we realize living every day with some kind of brain injury, from mild to severe. Sometimes you can't tell from the outside; but rest assured, their lives have changed drastically, and they are working very hard to function in our incredibly complex world.

The Aftermath: What to Expect After a Stroke

The experience of having a stroke is terrifying in the moment – and yet the unknown of what will happen afterwards can be just as terrifying. In this blog we’ll give you some clarity on what to expect, and some starting points on how to begin your journey to recovery.

Learn About Stroke Symptoms and Treatment

Stroke awareness is important, and so we wanted to summarize a few key facts about stroke in one convenient place.  Help us spread the word – everyone should know stroke warning signs, the life-altering effects of stroke, and what kind of treatment stroke survivors can do to regain control of their lives.

For Stroke Survivors & Caregivers | Resources for Treatment, Therapy, Research & More

We evaluated online resources for stroke survivors and their caregivers in the U.S., and think we’ve come up with the some of the most helpful.

Follow the links below to find information on treatment, research, therapy options, clinical trials, caregiver tips and more.

Customer Stories: Progress Reports Encourage Stroke Survivor to Continue Therapy

Isabelle is from the UK, and the caregiver for her husband who is a stroke survivor. Here is her story of how Constant Therapy helped reshape the lives of them both with incremental gains achieved over time.

You CAN Improve Brain Function, Even Years After Stroke or Brain Injury

There’s a rumor going around that you’ve got only one year after you have a stroke or brain injury to make whatever progress and recovery you’re going to make. Stroke and brain injury survivors everywhere will tell you that, from personal experience, that concept is a false rumor. We, too, believe that you can continue to improve with the right therapy – that’s one of the things that drove us to create Constant Therapy!

Constant Therapy is an award-winning cognitive and speech therapy app, created for survivors of stroke, brain injury, and other neurogenic disorders.

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