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The Constant Therapy app has more to offer than ever before to aid in recovery for patients with cognitive, speech, and language disorders.

8 Tips for Communicating with People with TBI, Aphasia, Learning Disabilities, Dementia, and Other Communication Disorders

Often when people suffer from any type of communication disorder, conversation and social connections disappear.  Read today’s blog to find out about some tips to make conversing with friends and loved ones who have communication disorders easier for all involved!

5 Tips to Encourage Practicing Therapy at Home

The more time patients with brain injury spend on meaningful treatment tasks, the better their outcomes. However, there’s often a gap between the ideal amount of time needed to improve, and the time that’s dictated by insurance coverage or busy in-clinic schedules.

10 Ways to Motivate and Empower Your Clients to Practice

by Emily Dubas, MS, CCC-SLP.

Info-Packed List of Aphasia Resources - Where to Find Helpful Information About Aphasia Treatment, Therapy & Research

Looking For Information About Aphasia Treatment, Recovery, and Therapy?

We evaluated online resources for people with aphasia and their caregivers, and think we've come up with the some of the most helpful. Follow the links below to find information on treatment, research, therapy options, clinical trials, caregiver tips and more.


It’s Brain Injury Awareness Month – Help Raise Awareness and Knowledge About Brain Injuries

This month, March, is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Take a few moments out of your day to learn a little more about brain injuries, how they affect communication, and how communication challenges caused by brain injury can be treated. And then pass it on, to help raise awareness!

Parkinson’s: An overview of the disease, how it affects communication, and how Constant Therapy can help

There are so many conditions that can affect communication, and the first step to overcoming communication challenges is to understand why and how those challenges arise.  In today’s blog, we highlight Parkinson’s, a disease that can cause significant communication challenges.

Primary Progressive Aphasia: What is it, what goes into the diagnosis, and how can we harness the brain to compensate

Primary Progressive Aphasia is a little known, often confused, and frequently missed diagnosis. In today’s blog post we’ll go over the symptoms, what we know about the causes, and how language tasks can help.

Language Difficulties Caused by Communication Disorders... And what you can do TODAY to improve your skills!

Language is a complicated system – yet we often don’t think about the components of language until one of them runs amuck! Today’s post discusses the various aspects of language, how they can cause trouble, and which Constant Therapy tasks can help you to overcome your individual difficulties!

New research shows the connection between cognition and Aphasia

Summary of an article published first in Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups SIG 2, Vol. 2 (Part 1), 2017.
Authors: Sofia Vallila-Rohter & Swathi Kiran

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