Innovative new features you can use with your patients today

The Constant Therapy app has more to offer than ever before to aid in recovery for patients with cognitive, speech, and language disorders.

Explained: 2 Therapy Tasks About Reading Numbers Aloud

Numbers are all around us: Whether it’s saying the date, hearing the cashier tell you the cost of groceries, reviewing charges on your receipt, or writing down a phone number. It’s nearly impossible to count the number of times you’ll find yourself speaking, listening, reading, and writing numbers each day.

NeuroPerformance Engine™ uses "big data" to personalize speech & cognitive therapy so patients get the precise therapy they need

Every patient starting cognitive or speech rehabilitation therapy is different and requires a personalized therapy regimen, based on who they are, their diagnosis and the progress they are making towards their recovery goals. With the use of “big data"-driven analytics, it is now possible to micro-personalize therapy for patients.

How to Make Your Constant Therapy Exercises a Regular Habit in 4 Steps

To make something a habit, you've got to work at it initially - but once you form a good habit, it's easy to keep on repeating and benefiting from that habit everyday!  Read on to find out how to make Constant Therapy exercises a  part of your daily routine - and how to use it to drive you or your loved one's recovery or improvement! Forming a new habit is hard, but just by starting this journey you are making major strides forward.

Flexlicense - Perfect for Research or Clinical Settings Where Multiple Patients Use Constant Therapy on Their Own

Do you wish you could pay for your client’s Constant Therapy carryover? Now you can!

Introducing Constant Therapy Flexlicense for clinicians.

Our newest program allows you to purchase carryover licenses for one or more of your clients. You can add and remove patients at any time during the Flexlicense subscription period. The program is designed to be very flexible mirroring the continuous change with your client census.

What the film "Still Alice" Tells Us About Alzheimer's Disease

The recent, multiple award-winning film, Still Alice, brings the issue of early-onset dementia to the forefront. The story about how Alice Howland, a linguistics professor at Columbia, and her family deal with her diagnosis of familial Alzheimer's disease at age 50, is both heartfelt and powerful. Watching the film is the first time many people get to see close-up what it's like to be an Alzheimer's patient, as well as a caregiver.

Introducing the Constant Therapy Advisory Board | Providing clinicians & their patients with the most beneficial rehab therapies

Constant Therapy is delighted to announce that 

Behind the Scenes in Customer Care - Get to Know Our Dedicated Team

At Constant Therapy, we take customer care very seriously

We aim to provide timely, responsive, and professional customer service, delivered with compassion and patience for each person with whom we speak. We'll answer your questions, concerns, and comments  - no matter what they are! Call 1-888-233-1399 or email

Speech Therapy in the Digital Age Yields Amazing Results for Brain Injury Survivors

Using big data and mobile technology to drive cognitive and speech therapy is yielding incredible results for brain injury survivors

Reprinted from Advance Healthcare Network for Speech & Hearing, Nov 21, 2016

What's the Story Behind Constant Therapy's Mobile Cognitive and Speech Therapy App?

It’s a story that’s near and dear to our hearts – just HOW did Constant Therapy come to be? Read on to learn about  how the Constant Therapy app was born out of clinician and patient feedback, in collaboration with scientific and technology masterminds.

Constant Therapy is an award-winning cognitive and speech therapy app, created for survivors of stroke, brain injury, and other neurogenic disorders.

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