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Spotlight On: Matt, Customer Support Champion

Empathy. Respect. Patience. Great communication skills. Product knowledge. These are attributes you expect from top-notch customer support agents. Matt has these in spades. A member of our Customer Support team for two years, Matt is loved by the customers and clinicians who rely on him every day to answer support requests from password changes to questions about the science behind Constant Therapy.

We sat down with Matt recently to ask what motivates him and what he likes best about being on the Customer Support Team.

Get Rescued From Patient Documentation Overload

There is nothing more fulfilling than providing patient care and helping individuals on their road to recovery. Unfortunately, writing evaluations, progress notes, and discharge summaries are often a painful part to this rewarding career.

Now you can access more data and analytics on your patient performance in one place, making documentation more efficient. Let us introduce you to your Clinician Dashboard

Innovative New Features To Use With Your Brain Injury Patients

The Constant Therapy app has more to offer than ever before to aid in recovery for patients with cognitive, speech, and language disorders.

NeuroPerformance Engine™ Uses Big Data to Personalize Speech & Cognitive Therapy

Every patient starting cognitive or speech rehabilitation therapy is different and requires a personalized therapy regimen, based on who they are, their diagnosis and the progress they are making towards their recovery goals. With the use of “big data"-driven analytics, it is now possible to micro-personalize therapy for patients.

How Tasks Get Assigned and How You Can Change Them

You asked: How do I choose, modify or delete the initial recommended tasks for my client?

First, why do we suggest an initial task plan?
We know that choosing from 
66 different tasks and 10 levels of difficulty can be a challenge. That’s why we generate an initial activity plan each time you add a new client. Our NeuroPerformance Engine looks at the demographics and the details of the initial profiles you provided when you added each of your clients, combines that with data from thousands of users who have a similar profile, and generates a customized exercise plan based on answers to those questions.

Behind the Scenes in Customer Care – Get to Know Our Dedicated Team

At Constant Therapy, we take customer care seriously.

We aim to provide timely, responsive, and professional customer service, delivered with compassion and patience for each person with whom we speak. We’ll answer your questions, concerns, and comments  – no matter what they are. Call 1-888-233-1399 or email support@constanttherapy.com.

What's the Story Behind Constant Therapy's Mobile Cognitive and Speech Therapy App?

It’s a story that’s near and dear to our hearts – just how did Constant Therapy come to be? Read on to learn how the Constant Therapy app was born out of clinician and patient feedback, in collaboration with scientific and technology masterminds.

Mobile App Puts Brain Therapy in Clients’ Pockets

Haven’t heard of Constant Therapy? You have now, and it may well become your go-to app for working with clients with stroke, aphasia, traumatic brain injury and learning disabilities.

A Story That's Near and Dear to Our Hearts – Just How Did Constant Therapy Come to Be?

Constant Therapy Was Born Out of a Powerful Collaboration of Clinicians, Patients, and Software Masterminds

First enter Dr. Swathi Kiran, a professor at Boston University’s world-renowned Aphasia Research Laboratory.  Dr. Kiran has years of experience (and many degrees) under her belt guiding the field of speech-language pathology to offer the most effective and innovative therapy to people with aphasia.  In the midst of a study that she and members of her lab were conducting, the perfect opportunity for merging communication treatment and technology arose.  By combining the technological prowess of Veera Anantha, Mahendra Advani, and Ehsan Dagar, Constant Therapy was born.

Constant Therapy Selected as a "Cutting-Edge Tech Finalist" for AARP's LivePitch Competiton

AARP Selects 15 Cutting-Edge Health Tech Finalists for LivePitch Competition May 14

10 national and 5 Florida startups get judged by VC’s, angel investors and consumers in Miami

[READ AT AARP WEBSITE: http://www.aarp.org/about-aarp/press-center/info-03-2015/livepitch-competition-miami.html]

Constant Therapy is an award-winning cognitive and speech therapy app, created for survivors of stroke, brain injury, and other neurogenic disorders.

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