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Keep Progress Going After Stroke Rehab Stops

The American Stroke Association has an ambitious goal: to end stroke! In the meantime, seven million people in the United States live with the disease’s effects. To promote rehabilitation, The Learning Corp and its Constant Therapy app are supporting the esteemed American Stroke Association to get the word out that stroke is beatable through increased access to mobile rehabilitative tools.

Introducing the Constant Therapy Advisory Board | Providing clinicians & their patients with the most beneficial rehab therapies

Constant Therapy is delighted to announce that 

Five Conferences in 15 Days | On the road to meet speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, caregivers and courageous brain injury survivors

It's been a busy few weeks at Constant Therapy, as our staff attended and participated in 5 outstanding conferences in 4 different states! We met so many dedicated clinicians and courageous survivors - we came back thoroughly inspired to keep working to provide the highest quality, most innovative speech and cognitive therapy for stroke and brain injury rehab.

Constant Therapy Selected as a "Cutting-Edge Tech Finalist" for AARP's LivePitch Competiton

AARP Selects 15 Cutting-Edge Health Tech Finalists for LivePitch Competition May 14

10 national and 5 Florida startups get judged by VC’s, angel investors and consumers in Miami

[READ AT AARP WEBSITE: http://www.aarp.org/about-aarp/press-center/info-03-2015/livepitch-competition-miami.html]

Constant Therapy is an award-winning cognitive and speech therapy app, created for survivors of stroke, brain injury, and other neurogenic disorders.

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