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The 5 Stages of Post-Stroke Care: How Each is Critical to Recovery

Learning about the stages of post-stroke care is important so that survivors and their loved ones can manage and optimize rehabilitation, and therefore attain the best possible quality of life.

Right Brain Injury vs. Left Brain Injury | Understanding the Impact of Brain Injury on Daily Life

You've had a brain injury or stroke and certain things in your daily life are affected, but not everything. You know your injury was on the right side of your brain. So, why are you having trouble with actions on the left side of your body? Here's a quick explanation of which side of the brain is responsible for what types of thoughts, emotions, and actions. You might be surprised!  

Brain Plasticity is the Key to Recovery after Brain Injury or Stroke [INFOGRAPHIC]

The term “neuroplasticity” or “brain plasticity” refers to the ability of your brain to reorganize itself, both physically and functionally, throughout your life, due to your environment. One of the biggest shifts in our understanding of brain plasticity is that it is a lifelong phenomenon.

What Happens When Different Parts of Your Brain are Affected by Brain Injury or Stroke? (INFOGRAPHIC)

We’re often asked about the connection between Constant Therapy’s tasks and an individual’s specific brain injury. In response, we’ve developed an infographic poster for people with communication disorders or brain injury, their loved ones, and the clinicians helping them to reach their therapy goals.

Learn About Stroke Symptoms and Treatment

Stroke awareness is important, and so we wanted to summarize a few key facts about stroke in one convenient place.  Help us spread the word – everyone should know stroke warning signs, the life-altering effects of stroke, and what kind of treatment stroke survivors can do to regain control of their lives.

Constant Therapy is an award-winning cognitive and speech therapy app, created for survivors of stroke, brain injury, and other neurogenic disorders.

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