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When The Clinician Becomes The Patient: Maria's Story Of Living With Primary Progressive Aphasia

What happens when the tables are turned and a speech-language pathologist is diagnosed with a condition for which she’s been treating her patients? Maria’s diagnosis of primary progressive aphasia (PPA), a neurological syndrome in which language capabilities become progressively impaired, was life-changing. However, this energetic, experienced SLP has taken on her diagnosis aggressively, and with the help of her husband Dan and best friend (and fellow SLP) Anne-Marie, works daily to slow the progress of PPA.

We spoke with Maria, Dan and Anne-Marie at home in Florida to get a sense of the insights gleaned when the clinician becomes the patient, as well as how Maria uses her clinical knowledge to treat her condition.

Real People, Real Progress: Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Patient Challenges Her Brain

“I’m preparing for a better tomorrow.”

Customer Stories: Kelly's Inspiring Stroke Recovery

Kelly was in charge of providing rehab and adaptive therapy, services, and equipment to stroke and TBI survivors.  As a Vice President, she was responsible for marketing, finance, accounting, operations, and oversaw all clinical components in helping patients access complex rehab services.

Two years ago, out of the blue, she encountered what many of her patients did – Kelly had a stroke and found herself in an ICU fighting for survival. 

Customer Stories: Charles Inspires Others During His Aphasia Recovery

Just listening to Charles' voice will put anyone at ease. The soothing tone, the melodious pace and most importantly, the authenticity, provides remarkable comfort to all who hear his voice. This is quite a contrast to just over a year ago when Charles could not even speak. A stroke left him with Aphasia, a language disorder that made him unable to communicate.

Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Patient Uses Constant Therapy to Challenge Her Brain


Speech-Language Pathologist Weighs In On How Well Constant Therapy Works for Her Clients

Originally posted on the Speech Therapy Tech blog: Tech Tools for working with adult populations, Naomi Gurevich, PhD, CCC-SLP shares her experiences working with Constant Therapy.

Customer Stories: Caregiver's Brain-Injured Son Gains Confidence

Mirium's son had a brain injury and uses Constant Therapy three times a week. He now understands faster, makes decisions with less hesitation, has improved recognition of words, and has boosted confidence.

Customer Stories: Progress Reports Encourage Stroke Survivor to Continue Therapy

Isabelle is from the UK, and the caregiver for her husband who is a stroke survivor. Here is her story of how Constant Therapy helped reshape the lives of them both with incremental gains achieved over time.

Customer Stories: Stroke Survivor Find Her New Normal

Mary B. had an Arterio-Venous-Malformation (AVM), more commonly known as a brain bleed. Her life changed in an instant. One minute she was getting ready for school as the acting principal of Hood School in Lynn, Massachusetts, and the next she was getting rushed to MGH by ambulance.

Constant Therapy is an award-winning cognitive and speech therapy app, created for survivors of stroke, brain injury, and other neurogenic disorders.

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