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Brain Injury Resources: Helpful Info About TBI Treatment & Recovery

Posted by Constant Therapy
Constant Therapy

We evaluated online resources available for brain injury survivors and their caregivers. Here is the best information on prognosis, brain injury treatment, research, therapy options, clinical trials, and caregiver tips.

NIH / National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke Brain injury education, prognosis, treatment, clinical trials, research.

Brain Injury Association of America  Brain injury research, education and advocacy programs through a national office, network of state affiliates, support groups, and a helpline.

Centers for Disease Control  Injury Prevention and traumatic brain injury data & statistics.

Centers for Disease Control - HEADS UP Program All about concussions: signs & symptoms, prognosis, treatment, prevention, research, education.

Brain Trauma Foundation Focuses on the acute phase of traumatic brain injury & methods to improve chances of a meaningful recovery.

Brain Injury Association of America / Mild Brain Injury  Facts about mild traumatic brain injury and concussion - recovery, treatment, and more.

The Dana Foundation  One of the best resources for the science behind how the brain works; responsible research & education about brain science.

National Alliance of Family Caregivers  Supports families & caregivers of adults with debilitating health conditions. Offers programs & consultation on caregiving issues at local, state and national levels. Offers free publications & support online, including national directory of publicly funded support programs.

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