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Resources for Aphasia Treatment, Recovery, and Therapy

Posted by Constant Therapy
Constant Therapy

We evaluated online resources for people with aphasia and their caregivers, and think we've come up with the some of the most helpful. Follow the links below to find information on treatment, research, therapy options, clinical trials, caregiver tips and more.

  • American Speech Language Hearing Association: Offers public information about a wide range of speech, language, and hearing disabilities in both children and adults; packed with educational information about aphasia and recovery.
  • National Aphasia Association: Promotes the care, welfare, and recovery of people with aphasia through public education and support of research; offers printed materials, an information hotline, a newsletter, and a listing of support groups.
  • National Aphasia Association - Communication Tips: Provides important communication tips.
  • NIH/ National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke - Aphasia: Comprehensive information and support services for those with aphasia and their families; offers patient and professional information, education materials, sponsor meetings, scientific workshops & research.
  • Aphasia Hope Foundation: Charitable foundation that works to increase the public's awareness of aphasia and effective long-term treatment available to people with aphasia. Serves as a resource for families, friends, and caregivers.
  • National Alliance of Family Caregivers: Supports families & caregivers of adults with debilitating health conditions. Offers programs & consultation on caregiving issues at local, state & nat'l levels. Offers free publications & support online, including nat'l directory of publicly funded support programs.

What other aphasia resources would you recommend? Tell us on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

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