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How Tasks Get Assigned and How You Can Change Them

Posted by Constant Therapy
Constant Therapy

You asked: How do I choose, modify or delete the initial recommended tasks for my client?

First, why do we suggest an initial task plan?
We know that choosing from 66 different tasks and 10 levels of difficulty can be a challenge. That’s why we generate an initial activity plan each time you add a new client. Our NeuroPerformance Engine looks at the demographics and the details of the initial profiles you provided when you added each of your clients, combines that with data from thousands of users who have a similar profile, and generates a customized exercise plan based on answers to those questions.

Having delivered over 18M exercises to thousands of users, we know how to find the patterns of therapy that are likely to yield the best results. 

To add tasks: click the blue plus sign next to the task name

Add task screen

To delete tasks: click the red circle next to the task name

Delete task screen

To change the difficulty level or item count: tap on the task itself and you can make changes in the boxes

Change task screen

Assigning homework for your clients speeds their recovery
These customized activity plans are meant for in-therapy sessions and for carryover work at home. Research shows an active carryover program yields significant improvement in language and cognitive skills in 10 weeks.

Still have questions about task assignment? Please email or call us at 1-888-233-1399.

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