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How Evidence-Based Digital Therapy Differs from Online Brain Games

Posted by Constant Therapy
Constant Therapy

We often get asked how is Constant Therapy different than apps & software designed for brain training? Here’s what Constant Therapy does differently.

Constant Therapy is unique from brain training software, and is specially designed for those recovering from stroke, aphasia and other brain injuries. Constant Therapy:
  • Uses digitized versions of clinically proven brain therapy exercises (not games) that can be used in the clinic and at home, including cognition and speech/language exercises, enabling us to target the right exercises to the right clients using the data from over 50 million delivered exercises.
  • Tracks progress of all users with dozens of data elements including accuracy, latency, what clues are being requested, etc., to decide what next course of exercises to deliver.
  • Moves clients from “building block” exercises to very functional, ‘daily living’ exercises (clock math, map reading, voice mail understanding, etc) as they progress forward, using the data above.
  • Generates reports and data visualization on progress and deficit areas, enabling clinicians to adapt the recommendations from the technology, and see patient progress even when they are not in the office.

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Constant Therapy is an award-winning cognitive and speech therapy app, created for survivors of stroke, brain injury, and other neurogenic disorders.

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