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Customer Stories: Charles Inspires Others During His Aphasia Recovery

Posted by Constant Therapy
Constant Therapy

Just listening to Charles' voice will put anyone at ease. The soothing tone, the melodious pace and most importantly, the authenticity, provides remarkable comfort to all who hear his voice. This is quite a contrast to just over a year ago when Charles could not even speak. A stroke left him with Aphasia, a language disorder that made him unable to communicate.

“Constant Therapy exercises are challenging, interesting, and most importantly have rebuilt my confidence... Once I tried Constant Therapy I was hooked, the increasing intensity is exhausting and I love it.” ~Charles

Never one to walk away from a challenge, Charles made the decision to find the resources to help him get better. He found support groups that provided friendship, understanding and a sense of community.  As he says “you need to be around others who understand what its like to be a stroke and aphasia survivor”. Charles worked with a Speech Language Therapist who recommended several therapy applications.

Now having completed more than 11,000 exercises, Charles credits Constant Therapy for getting him “back on point.”  As Charles says, “the stroke no longer owns me!”

Charles makes a habit of doing his Constant Therapy exercises 6 mornings a week at his home. He says he always feels “charged up” after each session. “Confidence is key to recovery.”

What a difference a year makes! Today Charles ministers over the telephone to those in crisis. He listens to their stories and shares his.  He provides hope, optimism, and comfort.  He likes to remind people that “there are great days ahead.”

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