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The Top 10 Constant Therapy Tasks Used by Clinicians

Posted by Constant Therapy
Constant Therapy

Each month, we calculate which tasks were most popular with clinicians depending on sector. Check out our most popular tasks for June 2014 below!  Who knows, maybe your colleagues will inspire a new task trial!  Happy Constant Therapy using!!

Healthcare-Based Clinicians:

  1. Spoken Rhyming
  2. Auditory Command
  3. Spoken Syllable
  4. Spoken Sound
  5. Active Sentence Completion
  6. Feature Matching
  7. Category Identification
  8. Symbol Matching
  9. Picture N-Back Memory
  10. Category Matching
Education-Based Clinicians:
  1. Clock Reading
  2. Written Word Comprehension
  3. Addition
  4. Map Reading
  5. Voice Mail
  6. Spoken Rhyming
  7. Calendar
  8. Subtraction
  9. Sound to Letter Matching
  10. Letter to Sound Matching

Haven't given the app a try yet?  Download Constant Therapy today and check out the most popular tasks based on your colleagues' usage!

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